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Compulsive gambling

Voluntary slavery

Not everyone knows that among alcohol, drug, nicotine, food forms of dependence there is another, no less terrible disease - computer game addiction.

Together with computers appeared computer games, which soon gained wide popularity.Every year the number of people keen on them is increasing. These people mainly live in the game. All mental needs they meet in virtual reality, playing on the computer, and their lives in the real world are limited only by the physiological needs of the organism. This "contagion"  absorbs not only the young, psychologically weaker generation, but also adults, mature personalities. By itself, the work at the computer is a sequence of logical operations and activities that can fully grip one’s attention and  isolate from the world for some time. This fact can cause serious problems in the professional and family duties. Slovenly appearance and the apparent alienation of "computer geeks" make them unattractive for the society, which in turn exacerbates the conflict between society and the individual suffering from computer addiction.

Also in the history of the computer age there are cases of fatal consequences of overuse virtual beingness. 

Currently, in some countries, are established and operated a number of health institutions and programs offering treatment and prevention of gaming addiction. The main role in the treatment of computer dependence plays a social rehabilitation of the patient, which is possible only with the participation of qualified doctors - psychotherapists. The goal of therapy is to eliminate the psychological conflict that led to the emergence of computer dependence and social reintegration of the patient. In order for psychotherapy to be effective, it requires the consent of the patient for their conduct and willingness of the patient to cooperate with the doctor."Imposed" psychotherapy conducted against the will of the patient, has no positive effect, but only exacerbates the problem. Regarding assistance to persons addicted to computer games, you can contact the offices of anonymous counseling.  There are  organized Anonymous gambling groups in many cities..

Concluding from the above, we can say the following: The man is not only wasting his valuable time, but also power. Having exhausted his supply of energy in the mythical world, in the reality  man becomes apathetic, passive, indifferent to others, and even cruel. In fact, this problem exists. So, when a person is drawn into these games, he no longer distinguishes between the game and reality and  recognizes the fact of the irreversibility of actions, that is not an excuse ...


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