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Of great importance in the rehabilitation of patients with respiratory diseases is a method of treatment such as a chamber speleotherapy. Especially it is invaluable in the treatment of asthma. In the children's polyclinic functions salt chamber, where the artificial conditions are created by the microclimate of karst caves. The special features of this climate are moderately cold temperature, its low relative humidity, high concentrations of fine aerosol of salt, low air velocity. These parameters are set in the room by speleotherapy apparatus of the Russian production  - "ASA - 01.3". In nature, these conditions exist in Belarus Soligorsk in saltcaves.                                                                                           

Physiological and therapeutic effects of the room contribute to activation of metabolic processes in the body, an increase of  oxygen consumption by  tissues, improving respiratory function and blood circulation. There is a normalization of the cardiovascular system, reduction of  the intensity of the inflammation, there are positive changes in immunological reactivity.  The activity of the ciliated epithelium of the respiratory tract is stimulated, bronchial permeability is restored. Increased respiratory function is accompanied by an increase in the contractility of the heart muscle, reduction of  the high blood pressure. Speleotherapy  has a positive effect on the nervous system, to the different types of exchange. The silence and the extraordinary beauty of the speleotherapy chamber room contribute to the restoration of inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex, create a feeling of mental and emotional comfort. Therefore, this type of treatment is very pleasant for patients. It is not only useful, but also very pleasant. 

Age of the patients for this treatment is not restricted. It is performed in groups of 5 - 6 people. 

Indications for speleotherapy are:

1. Bronchial asthma in remission.

2. Chronic bronchitis with an asthmatic component in remission.

3. Pollinosis, respiratory allergosis.

4. Vegetative dystonia.

5. The initial stages of hypertensive disease .

6. Atopic dermatitis.

7. Recurrent eczema.

8. Health promotion.