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How to survive the heat

Summer heat  is no less a test for the organism than the winter cold. Especially if the heat is combined with high humidity. In such weather the return of heat is hampered and the risk of overheating and heat stroke is increased. Especially it is hard to tolerate the heat for elderly, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, overweight and obese.

In addition, the summer increases the risk of sunburn, sunstroke and injuries associated with rest and work in suburban areas.

It should be recalled, that the heat is produced in the body of every person in the process of metabolism, and its output is increased when taking food and physical activity. The heat is given back to the environment, and can adjust the heat transfer by clothing. The behavior in hot weather should be directed on the one hand to decrease the heat generation by the body, and on the other hand to facilitate heat transfer. 

What can I do to reduce the generation of heat in the body?

1. Firstly, the need to minimize physical stress. This is especially true of domestic work, the implementation of which can be transferred to a cool time.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to reduce the volume and caloric content of the diet. High calorie fatty foods are more difficult to digest. Therefore, it is better to  reject meat products, especially sausages, smoked products, and also to minimize the consumption of confectionery. Preference should be given to fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and meatbe replaced by the fish. Generally summer is a great opportunity to relieve your body and lose weight.

3. Ice cream lovers will be recalled that this product should not be carried away. Ice cream only creates the illusion of cool, but in fact it is quite rich in calories, so itsexcessive use only increases the heat output.

4. In hot weather alcohol should be completely eliminated from the diet, it applies to soft drinks and beer. Alcohol intoxication is heavier transferred during the heat , and use of alcohol increases the appetite. Cold beer does not cool the body, but only leads to intoxication. Moreover, all alcoholic beverages have a high energy value, and with them the body gets extra warmth.

5.  The best among drinks is usual boiled, but not cold water. If there are no contraindications, you can drink mineral water. Do not get involved in soft drinks and juices of industrial production because they contain a lot of sugar and calories . It is better to cook unsweetened tea with mint, compote of fresh fruit and berries.

6. And of course, do not forget about food safety. All perishable foods should be as soon as possible put in the fridge and observe deadlines. It is more likely to wash hands and not try fruit and vegetables at markets.

 How to increase the heat transfer?

1. In facilitating of the heat transfer primary importance have properly chosen clothes. They should be only from natural fabrics (cotton, linen or rayon). Only these materials have good air permeability and absorb moisture well. Clothing should be loose-fitting, without belts. It is advisable to abandon the tight denim clothing. In sunny weather it’s better to wear light-colored clothing.  Hats, panama hats (especially for children) and sunglasses are desirable.

2.  Shoes must also be only from natural materials, free, without high heels.

3. It can be possible to increase heat by  cooling the body. If you can often take a shower, wash your face, hands and feet with cool water.

4. In hot weather it is better not to use make-up or to reduce the amount to a minimum and give preference to moisturizing creams and gels.

5. At house you can hang wet towels, sheets, take curtain off the window, often do wet cleaning.

6. But we should not get involved in unnecessary cooling, arrange drafts, drink iced drinks and take a cold shower. Otherwise, you risk catching a cold or fall ill with angina, even in summer. 

And I would advise in hot sunny weather to visit less open spaces, to minimize travel on public transport, visiting markets and shops.

In case of overheating or heat stroke it is necessary to undertake activities that enhance heat transfer. To do this, move the victim to a cool place, unbutton clothes, give cool water,cool the exposed areas of the body. In more severe cases, loss of consciousness, you need to call the "ambulance."

It should be noted that hot weather ismore easily tolerated by healthy people with high reserve capacity of the organism, with the trained system of thermoregulation.Therefore, a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, tempering will help tolerate both  winter cold and summer heat without damage to health.


Valeologist L.M. Kislaja