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Fast food is a phantom meal

Fast food - are products which,

it is not necessary to cook, or their preparation requires little time.

 To fast food we refer bouillon cubes, soups in bags, mashed potatoes in cups, vermicelli "Rollton", chips, crackers, cereal, candy bars, and many other things that are in abundance on the shelves of our stores. This category of products includes everything that is sold in chain of restaurants and fast food outlets (cheeseburgers, hamburgers, fries, etc.).

Fast food releases from the tedious standing in the kitchen and allows you to have a meal while away from home. But recent studies have shown that regular consumption of fast food adversely affects health. In developed countries fast food is primarily connected with prevalence of obesity and allergic diseases.

  1. With the rapid saturation the digestion process is disturbed, and the food on the go, in a hurry contributes to overeating. Especially considered unfavorable combination of hot sandwiches and cold drinks, in this case the food leaves the stomach quickly, and within a short time after eating one is hungry again.
  2. All fast food is high in calories due to a high content of saturated fat. For example, a standard serving of fast soup has 2-times more calories then a soup prepared at  home.
  3. All fast food contain many carbohydrates, mainly simple (sugar), but there are practically no cellulose .
  4. The fast food contains a lot of salt, especially in chips, salted nuts, bouillon cubes and seasonings.
  5. For the preparation of fast food are mainly used hydrogenated oils, which contain fatty acids having different spatial construction (trans-isomers of fatty acids). The influence of these acids on the body is not yet fully understood, but it is believed that their excessive consumption contributes to the development of tumors, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases.

Attention! Margarine was prepared by hydrogenation, for that reason trans-isomers of fatty acids are contained almost in all confections, including baking.

  1. In the process of manufacturing instant food commodity goes through many stages of processing, so fast food almost no remains of vitamins, minerals and other essential components.
  2. The fast food a lot of different supplements - conservatives, dyes, stabilizers, emulsifiers. They improve the taste and nutritional properties of the product and provide a longer shelf life.

Remember! Natural products are never stored for a long time, even in a refrigerator.

  1. Almost all fast food contain a flavor enhancer - monosodium glutamate . In small quantities, and the rare use of it does not represent any particular risk. But the permanent usage of foods containing monosodium glutamate, can cause allergic reactions, especially among children.
  2. The more often one eats foods with flavor enhancers, the more quickly natural food without glutamate begins to seem stale and tasteless. And after a while to give up fast food is very difficult. A transition to its regular usege will inevitably lead to overweight.

Main thing - is the right attitude to FAST FOOD

The problem is not in the products themselves, but in the frequency of their use. Fast food is - episodic eating, and it should not become a way of life. Therefore, if you can not quite give up these foods, then eat them as little as possible, for example, in situations where there is no possibility to cook food, for example, on a trip or a business trip.

In order not to become dependent on fast food cook ordinary food with fresh ingredients at home. Do not use universal seasonings ("Maggi", "Knorr", etc.), All of them contain flavor enhancers. It is not necessary to feed the whole family for dinner with "Rollton", in order to cook a simple pasta or potatoes you do not need that much time.

Do not accustom CHILDREN


Food of this kind is especially dangerous for children, during the formation and growth of the organism. Unbalanced menu can lead to obesity, abnormalities in the endocrine and immune systems, which further affects the physical and mental development of a child.

If a child does not ask, do not offer him a fast food. The later he will try fast food, the better, and it is not generally recommended to give these products to children up to three years .

When a child will get acquainted with such  food it is necessary to strictly regulate its use. Some products can be completely abandoned, and for others can be established certain rules of use. For example, "Kirieshki" do not eat at all, and drink Coca-Cola for New Year and Birthday.