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June 26 - Day against drug abuse

It's no secret that drugs are poison. Regardless of the amount received, they cause irreparable damage to health. According ° to statistics in different countries, the total number of people who use drugs is more than 20% of the entire population of the planet. 309 people who inject drugs are registered in Baranovichi narcological dispensary  139 of them – are addicted. Basically, these are the people who inject drugs (191). Among the registered are 45 women, 28 minors.

There are many types of drugs. Marihuana, "spice", heroin, ecstasy, methadone are the most famous and running.

The most common reasons why people begin to use drugs: the thirst for new sensations, the desire to escape from a boring dull life, forget about the problems, relieve stress. But when the "buzz" is held, there is often a state of depression, apathy, hopelessness, and often  aggression. The desire to use drugs again, with each new dose is becoming stronger and dependance is formed, there is the so-called "break-up" (or withdrawal), and the more often a person uses drugs, the faster and sharper than it appears. When the effect ends the body requires the next dose.,  Dependent person does not abandon the idea of where to get the drug, nervous trembling, cold sweats, cramps, numb extremities, diarrhea, nausea, pain in joints and muscles, headaches, dizziness, and insomnia appear. Addicted person becomes emotionally unstable, irritable, easily falls into a rage, becomes violent and it is not a complete list of symptoms that may be experiencing drug-dependent persons while breaking up.  That  condition can last for quite a long periodOften, drug addicts suffer from psychosis: consciousness clouds, hallucinations arise, memory lapses.

Drugs destroy almost all organs and body systems, brain, liver, kidneys, heart, reproductive organs are affected mostly often by sexually transmitted infections, hepatitides, HIV infection are joined. Life expectancy at constant drug use is significantly less. Much depends on the age,  the doses, how often and what type of drug is used. Of particular concern is the fact that the age of people who use drugs is becoming younger and younger. The youngest patient of Baranovichi narcological dispensary is only 14. In many cases, self-indulgence with "light" drugs in the future develops into a more serious dependance. Often people die from accidents being intoxicated, commit suicide, die of an overdose or sepsis.

The growing number of people who use drugs, can not but have an effect on subsequent generations (they often have unhealthy children with severe physical defects, chronic diseases, serious abnormalities, miscarriages often happen). Very often parents that are drug addicts abandon their children or are deprived of their parental rights.

Worldwide drugs are considered to be outside the law, annual security agencies around the world are confiscating hundreds of tons of narcotics, hundreds of drug traffickers are arrested, rehabilitation centers for persons suffering from drug addiction are created, but despite all this, the number of drug users is growing every day, as the number of people who want to use them. The main mistake of such people is that they believe drugs will bring them happiness and will make their lives more fun and eventful, but soon realize that they were wrong, and not everyone has the strength to get back to normal life .... life without drugs.

Timely treatment by a professional can prevent the disease or stop its further development. In Baranovichi interdistrict narcological dispesary at st. Parkovaja,.53 it is possible to receive consultation (if necessary - treatment) about addiction and drug abuse, including anonymously. Anonymous counseling and treatment of adults is carried out on paid basis, after signing the contract for the provision of paid medical services.

Telephone: 48-73-84. Working Hours: weekdays 8.00-20.00, Saturday 9.00-12.30 (on Saturdays anonymous services are not provided because of technical reasons).

Psychiatrist and narcologist of Baranovichi Interdistrict Narcologic Dispensary  Alena Gordeyko