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The secrets of a "third" age

"Third Age"  is the age of wisdom.  
Many people banish thought of approaching of this period, but it is natural and has a special meaning. Can aging be healthy? The aging of the body is a natural and inevitable process . Being old is not a disease itself, but only the next stage of man’s life journey., One can keep fit and clarity of thought, continuing to lead a full life in the "third" age.

Healthy aging  is much more than just staying physically fit. First of all -itis a person's ability to maintain commitment and interest to  life.

As we get older, inevitably, we are experiencing more serious life changes such as retirement, loss of loved ones, the physical changes. The way we deal with these changes, as well as with regular stress is the key to a healthy aging. Adhering to simple tips for healthy aging, you will be able to live with meaning and joy.

The search of healthy aging formula

Struggle with changes can be difficult, no matter how old are you. The biggest problem for older people is a huge number of negative changes, such as the loss of friends, family, career, health and even their independence. These changes are extremely painful, but natural for this segment of human life. And if a sense of loss is balanced by the positive aspects, you have a wonderful formula for healthy aging.

  • Healthy aging is a relentless search for and finding new meaning of life, the ability to adapt to changes, staying physically active and socially connected to loved ones and society. 

Unfortunately, for many people aging causes anxiety and fear. How will I take care of myself? What if I lose my spouse? What will happen to my mind? 

Nevertheless, many of the fears are associated with the myths about aging that are exaggerated or simply untrue. The truth is that we are all stronger and more stable than think about ourselves.

Myths about aging 

Myth One:  old age means poor health and even disability.

Fact:  There are some diseases that are more common among older people. However, aging does not automatically mean the presence of ill-health, or that you will be limited in movement.  
Preventive measures, such as a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and the risk of deterioration in the quality of life in the "third" age.

Myth Two: The  memory loss is an inevitable part of aging. 

Fact:  in the end, you may notice that the memorize is not as easy as in the past, and even memories can take more time, however, a significant memory loss is not an inevitable result of aging.  The brain retains the ability to learn and gain new knowledge at any age. And there are many ways that you can use to keep your memory in good condition.

Myth Three:  "you can not teach an old dog new tricks." 

Fact:  One of the most damaging myths about aging is that, after a certain age, it becomes impossible to learn something new. Quite the contrary! 
Older people are able to learn new things and adapt to new conditions, to share wisdom and experience.  If you believe in yourself, then you will create the most favorable conditions for positive changes in your life, regardless of your age.