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Alcohol abuse during the holidays does considerable damage to economies around the world

Abuse of alcohol during the holidays does considerable damage to economies around the world, reports British Radio and Television BBC BBC.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (a division of the US Department of Health) estimate annual losses associated with alcohol abuse for more than $ 220 billion. That is an average of $ 1.9 loss to the economy of this country on each alcohol serving consumed, with approximately 72% of them derive from a reduction in productivity.

In Australia, the missing workers 'sickness' days in the last two weeks of the year cost the economy up to 2 billion Australian dollars ($ 1.6 billion). According to a survey  1 thousand ofpeople, nearly 10% of employees are planning to leave for the hospital for up to three days in order to somehow recover from a celebratory libation. Among the "iron" people who still go to work right after Christmas corporate party, more than a quarter admitted that functioned only 50% compared with their usual efficiency.

In the UK, researchers believe that a hangover costs economy nearly 260 million pounds ($ 409 million). Interview of 1,5 thousand people held by a travel site, showed that about 25% work less than four hours a day after a Christmas corporate party . Another 20% simply stay at home, as if they are ill.

"There are so much negative consequences of alcohol abuse - both economic and social - that the general public in generall suffers from them, - is reported by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Toronto), commissioned by the European Commission. - This increases the already impressive loss of alcohol abuse, which in Europe are estimated at 155.8 billion euros per year. "


Source Medical Bulletin