Hot line: 42-36-14: 42-36-14
(Monday-Friday from 02.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.)

Help desk: 42-24-31
Reception: 41-39-57; 42-22-28; 41-39-58                                                                    
Crisis and emotional support: 40-28-31
(Monday-Friday from 01.00 p.m. to 08.00 p.m.)

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Health care institution "Baranovichi City Dental Clinic"

Head physician:Kernoga Yurij Alexandrovich

The main building of the Baranovichy city dental clinic is located on the stMickiewicz, 11 Branch clinic - at st.Zhukov, 12/3.The clinic has four departments,:3 departments - curative and preventive;1 department - self-supporting orthopedic.Power of the clinic - 346 visits per shift.Dental clinic provides services to the population:

Therapeutic care:

  • advisory work;
  • assistance in case of acute toothache;
  • photopolymer materials dental filling with the latest foreign technologies;
  • restoration of the crown of the teeth using parapulpar, anchor, fiberglass pins;
  • dental treatment with effective pain relief;
  • dental treatment with the conduct of general anesthesia;
  • correct selection of personal hygiene means and tooth brushing techniques learning;
  • treatment of periodontal disease and oral mucosa;
  • X-ray diagnostics;
  • dental care to foreign citizens;

Surgical care:

  • Consultations of experts;
  • Extractions with effective analgesia;
  • Outpatient surgical elective surgery (cystectomy, resection of the root tip, correction and plastic of bridles, bisection);

Orthopedic care:

  • extraordinary and free prosthesisof the Great Patriotic War participants and persons equated to them, people with disabilities of first and second groups (one every two years);

Fixed types of prosthetics:
- forged stainless steel construction;
- Solid construction of base alloys (cobalt-chromium, nickel-chromium);
- metal-ceramic prostheses;
- plastic construction;

Removable kind of prosthesis:

- full and partial removable laminar dentures;

- clasp (solid) dentures at musculo - retaining clasps;

Rooms are equipped with new modern clinic dental units.Clinical and instrumental methods, X-ray diagnostics are applied for the diagnosis and testing , .They are used only certified materials and medicines.Using highly effective anesthetic and analgesic agents enables to conduct any treatment painless and without complications..

Prices of paid services for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus:

Prices of paid services for foreign citizens: