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Health care institution "Baranovichi city psychoneurologic dispensary"

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Inpatient department of the dispensary  for 15 beds was opened in 1966. An out-patient and an in-patient department housed in one building. . Terms and conditions of patients’ stay were cramped, the majority of patients had to be transfered for further treatment to  a psychiatric hospital "Krivoshin". Gradually inpatient department expanded and now it is designed for 30 beds. In average during a year 1116 patients are being treated in the department. .  Methods of treatment of patients are improving that reduce the length of  hospital stay. Day hospital for 50 seats, the first in the Brest region, was opened in our dispensary in 1976. In 2002, the day hospital increased to 65 seats. In 2006doctors, therapists, psychologists were assigned, a multidisciplinary team was formed,  the department of borderline states was organized. Physiotherapy department , electroencephalographic examination of the brain are widely used.

Department of adults’ day care  is designed for 50 seats. It was opened in 1976. The therapeutic process is organized in two shifts: from 8.00 to 20.00. 
Patients are sent by  district  psychiatrists, as well as transferred from inpatient BPND for follow-up care, test doings for supportive treatment, removal neuroloptic syndrome, rehabilitation. 
Comprehensive pathogenetic treatment is conducted in the departmen, t non-drug methods are widely used: : physiotherapy, reflexotherapy, psychotherapy. 
On the basis of the department a multidisciplinary team that evaluates and provides therapeutic recommendations for psychotic, their families and relatives is created.

Department of Children's day care  was opened in 1998for 35 beds.  About 500-600 children are being treated in DCDC during a year in average. The department provides medication, psychotherapeutic assistance. Various methods of physical therapy are used. Encephalography of brain for diagnosis specification and selection of appropriate treatment is widely used.

Dispensary department.   Registry working hours are from 7.30 to 20.00. There  are a districts card file in the registry a computer where the database of Baranovichi city and Baranovichi district patientsare included. .  Paid services are provided (preventive examination, employment, residence permit). The dispensary department are doctors' offices and laboratories.

OPNDBS In 2006 on the basis of the Baranovichi psychoneurological dispensary an outpatient psychoneurological department of border states was created. Specialists conduct a psychological diagnosis, correction, treatment of patients with borderline mental disorders.

On the basis of psychoneurological clinic operates an emergency psychiatric service "HOT LINE", where any person that is in a crisis situation may refer on weekdays from 13.00 to 20.00 at the number 8 (0163) 402831. Assistance is provided by qualified psychologists.