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Medical Rehabilitation Centre for children with psychoneurological disorders "Reflex"

Contact tel. number .: Head - 58 37 15 / 8-0163 / 
staffroom - 58 37 16 / 8-0163 / 
senior nurse - 58 35 04 / 8-0163 / 
Recording of children for a consultation is held daily 
tel. number.: - 58 37 16 / 8-0163 / from 9.00 to 14.00 
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Center (one of the first in the country) was organized in September 1996 on the initiative of the head of the center, Vladimir Ivanovich Ritchik. It occupies the part of the building of the former kindergarten area of672 m2. The main tasks of the center: the early diagnosis of children with nervous system damage, and early comprehensive medical rehabilitation of children with organic lesions of the central nervous system, accompanied by movement disorders, moderately severe mental disabilities, speech disorders; training of persons providing education and care for children with special needs, methods of rehabilitation at home. 


Deployed and equipped rooms: diagnostic; physiotherapy; orthopedic; reflexotherapy; physical therapy and massage - 2 rooms; gym;  rooms of psychologist, speech therapist, defectologist, sensory development, service rooms. The following rehabilitation measures are held in the center: kinesitherapy, individual physical therapy, according to various complexes; massage, acupressure; reflexotherapy (acupuncture, electroacupuncture, tsubo therapy, and others.); physiotherapy; laser therapy; orthopedic correction;Bobath therapy; Tekoryus technique; diagnosis and therapy of Voit; tactile stimulation; mechanotherapy ; speech therapy and defectological correction; rehabilitation on special gaming modules, gymnastic balls, etc., dry (ball) pool.

The rehabilitation of about 400 children is done per year, 40 children -  per month.The average course of rehabilitation is 3 weeks.

The age of children taken to rehabilitation varies from 1 month to 18 years. 40-50% of this children suffer from cerebral paralylsis (infantile cerebral paralysis), - a severe neurological disease that gives access to the basic disability duringchildhood.

The effectiveness of the rehabilitation is 90-95%.

The specialists of the center trained in Germany, Poland, Moscow, Sweden .

In 1996 n the basis of the center was organized a public organization of mothers of children with disabilities, o , which now includes more than 70 families.

In 1997, for the first time in the country, the center held the 1st International Seminar of young wheelchair users, where 30 young wheelchair users trained active lifestyle in wheelchairs, sports: table tennis, basketball, athletic trainers, swimming, dancing, overcoming the barrier protection, etc. Classes were conducted by specialists from Sweden, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus.

Also a school of mothers function at the center, where mothers are taught the basic skills of rehabilitation of the child at home, receive psychological assistance.