Hot line: 42-36-14: 42-36-14
(Monday-Friday from 02.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.)

Help desk: 42-24-31
Reception: 41-39-57; 42-22-28; 41-39-58                                                                    
Crisis and emotional support: 40-28-31
(Monday-Friday from 01.00 p.m. to 08.00 p.m.)

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Baranovichi city first-aid station

Kuibyshev, 27 

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Head - Hasanov Rauf Rustamovich 42-23-23

Deputy of Head Kovalchuk Galina Fedorovna42-33-05 

Dispatch room 42-42-80; 103  (you can call through the service "101" and "102")


Baranovichi first-aid station provides twenty-four-hour emergency medical assistance to adults and children of the city and the region during all days of the week, weekends and holidays for free.

According to the instruction "On the procedure of patient’s referral for examination and treatment to  health care organizations" Decree of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus № 44 dated 08.11.2005, the provision of emergency medical care is carried out in conditions requiring urgent medical attention: in case of accidents, sudden illness, life-threatening conditions, when called to  public places and institutions,during childbirth for transportation of pregnant women to maternity hospitals, during exacerbation of chronic disease, and others.

First-aid service of  Baranovichi city and Baranovichi district is represented by First-Aid Station, three first-aid posts: First-Aid Posts in g.p.Gorodische, d.Volno Baranovichi city, st..Parkovaya, 20.

Number of served population is 210,331 inhabitants.

At First-Aid Station and Posts  are organized 18.25 first-aid work crews , of which: 6.75 - specialized (2 – BIT (Intensive care team), 0.5 - psychiatric) 5.5 - medical assistant's brigade, 6.75 - medical linear.

Currently at First-Aid Stations and Posts are working 37 physicians, 92 nurses, 34 nurses and 72 drivers.

Car Park Station is equipped with 19 ambulances.

In 2013, the brigades of first-aid statation carried out 65,689 visits to both residents of Baranovichi city and Baranovichi district, and to the non-resident and foreign citizens.