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Health care institution "Baranovichi City Dermatovenerologic Dispensary"


Head  -  Shablov Alexandr Konstantinovich.

Dermatovenerologist (head of the polyclinic) Gromakovskaja Lyudmila Petrovna

Dermatovenerologist (head of the dermatovenerological department) Ahmatgalieva Galina Viktorovna

Cosmetician (Head of the beauty treatments room) Novik Tatiana Borisovna.

Address : Baranovichi, st. Torfianaja, 31. Registry Phone: 47-35-84.   

Regional dermatovenerologic dispensary existed in Baranovichi since 1944 (address - street Kudrina, 22). After the liberation of Belarus in connection with the increase of the incidence rate of sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis, it was decided to open  dermatovenerologic dispensary (The decision was taken at the meeting of the Baranovichi Regional Executive Committee August 31, 1944).

Initially, the dispensary staff had  only three medical rates. As of 31.08.1944 at oblvendispansere only three doctors worked at regional dermatovenerologic dispensary:

  •   Chief physician - Leikin Lazar Samoilovich;
  •   Dermatovenerologist - Timoshkevich Lubov Nikolaevna;
  •   Dermatovenerologist - Tochinskaya Dora Efimovna.

By 1959, it rose to seven, by 1969 - up to nine, with 1986 - up to sixteen medical rates, and since 2002 – up to 21 medical rates.  At first regional dermatovenerologic dispensary (inpatient and outpatient) occupied only one small building. In the report of the head physician Leikina L.S. on the work of the dispensary in 1945,  is said that it was placed in a separate building and at the distance of some time the hospital was moved to a vacant dwelling (formerly buildings belonging was Polish Manor). Employees of dermatovenerologic dispensary by their own efforts organized construction of kitchen, laundry room and utility rooms.  Since 1954 Baranovichi, became a city of a district and not a regional-type, and therefore the Dermatovenerologic Dispensary became interdistrict.  Admission of patients is performed on daily shifts; in average -

According to the order of the Health Department of the Executive Committee of Brest Regional Council of People's Deputies of 09.12.1982. № 130 "On measures to centralize laboratory studies in the cities Baranovichi and Pinsk cities, Baranovichi and Pinsk district "on the basis of DVD a centralized serological laboratory was organized by means of dermatovenerologic dispensary staff for the diagnosis of syphilis.

The transfer of the inpatient department  for 100 beds (veneroalogic and cutaneous departments) to a new building of the former kindergarten on the st. Trofianaja, 31 was carried out in 1999. There dermatovenerologic dispensary began to occupy a 2-storey building with differentiation of patients flows by disease. The polyclinic continued to be at the same address: st. Kudrina, 22.

In 2003, after a series of tests was rendered a decision that the condition of the buildings on the st. Kudrina hasemergency condition, unfit for use. As consequence of it was decided to organize a polyclinic on the 1st floor of a building on the st. Trofianaja, 31.

A great contribution to the development of material-technical base of the existing dispensery today introduced Volchkevich Alexej Fedorovich. In 1980 he was transferred to the city of Baranovichi and appointed as a chief physician of Baranovichi dermatovenerologic dispensary , where he worked as chief physician until 2000. In connection with the termination of fixed-term contract was subsequently appointed as a dermatologist of the inpatient department. Since 2005 Volchkevich Alexej Fedorovich was a physician responsible for the work of a day hospital Baranovichi DVD. He worked for 25 years in Baranovichi dermatovenerologic dispensary.  . Professional work experience - 38 years.

Shablov Alexander Konstantinovich began working as a polyclinic dermatologist in 1987. , Then from 1994 became a Head of the dispensary department. From 2000 to the present time Shablov A.K is the head of the DVD, main freelance dermatologist of  HCI "BCP" (has a first qualification category).

Currently, Baranovichi Dermatovenerologic Dispensary includes:

  •   a  poly clinic, including a department of day care;
  •   dermatovenerological department (45 beds);
  •   clinicodiagnostic laboratory ;
  •   beauty treatments room.

The main activity of dermatovenerologic dispensary is to reduce a disease  incidence, prevention of primary disability of working age population of the Baranovichi region suffering from skin diseases and sexually transmittedinfections .

The clinic employs 10 dermatologists and 4 doctor of laboratory diagnostics, 2 -cosmeticians,  47 paramedical workers.

The knowledge and the experience of physicians are invaluable for a new generation of doctors who continue the best traditions of their predecessors, giving strength, knowledge and energy for the benefit of the native Brest region.

Today, under the leadership of A.K Shablova constantly improving and introducing new forms of work organization that allows to improve the performance of the Baranovichi Municipal Dermatovenerologic Dispensary and improve the use of available resources. Some time ago there were restructured number of beds: the number of hospitals beds was reduced from 65 to 45. Along with the reductions of hospital beds  the replacement of inpatient types of medical care are developed: 8 beds for day care department at the polyclinic.  .

In Baranavichy city dermatovenerologic dispensary assistanceaccording to the following directions is provided:

  •   Dermatology, including  children (treatment and prevention of skin diseases, consulting people with skin problems, issue opinions on professional aptitude);
  •   Venereology (detection and treatment of sexually transmitted infections : HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamidiosis, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis , bacterial vaginosis, herpes, candidiasis, human papilloma virus)
  •   Mycology (treatment of fungal infections of the skin, nails).

Was organized on the basis of the DVD beauty treatments room (st. Pirogova ., 5; registry phone: 41-32-25) which services are increasingly popular.

Cosmetology has 22 types of services, such as treatment of problem skin adolescence, etc .; restoration of age-related changes of the face, treatment and prevention of hair loss; baldness, excessive hair growth removal by electrolysis;  removal of skin formation of viral etiology, removal of benign skin tumor by electrocoagulation followed by biopsy; cryodestruction; solarium; removal of spider veins, atheroma, keratoma, calluses and scars; piercing of earlobes disposable earrings.

Organizational and methodical work, which is to train specialists of the city for treatment and diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections, the organization and conduct of seminars on the basis of polyclinic, the preparation of regulatory and guidance materials on dermatology.

Today Baranovichi city dermatovenerologic dispensary has more than 20 kinds of paid services. At the request of the patient, any service can be provided anonymously or confidentially (by encryption of personal data).

Constantly new methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients are introducing: immunoassay diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections. DVD has its own powerful laboratory facilities. Laboratory studies are conducted with imported, certified in the Republic of Belarus test systems.

Prices of paid services for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus:

Prices of paid services for foreign citizens:

Analyses are performed by the most qualified technicians. This allows to carry out studies in full:  
Microscopical method;  
Culture technique;  
IFA - immunofluorescence method;  
Expanded research on syphilis (MCP, ELISA, PHA, IFA).

For the last 8 years due to active work of dermatovenerological services the incidence of syphilis (79.3%)  microsporia (59.7%), and scabies (54.9%) has decreased among the population of Baranovichy region.