Hot line: 42-36-14: 42-36-14
(Monday-Friday from 02.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.)

Help desk: 42-24-31
Reception: 41-39-57; 42-22-28; 41-39-58                                                                    
Crisis and emotional support: 40-28-31
(Monday-Friday from 01.00 p.m. to 08.00 p.m.)

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About policlinic

June, 30, 1945 – the central city outpatient clinic was first mentioned in the archives. The outpatient clinic was located on the second floor of the pharmacy in Telman street, 15. The number of employees was 41. Later, the outpatient clinic moved to Pirogov street, after that it moved to Gagarin street (currently, the Day Patient Department). The branch of the clinic moved to Suvorov street (currently, the Department of Addiction Treatment).

1970 – the number of therapeutic areas amounted to 12. There was a physician in the outpatient clinic, who provided medical care to medical specialists. Ambulances were used to take primary care physicians to patients during home visits.

1984 – the building which is now occupied by the outpatient clinic was erected. The medical specialists may receive up to 850 patients per shift. The total number of patients serviced by the outpatient clinic amounts to 119 000. Daily, the medical specialists of 29 specialties provide medical care. The outpatient clinic has up-to-date equipment.

1993 – the Department of Medical Rehabilitation was established. It includes the Day Patient Department, rooms for physical therapy, manual therapy and acupuncture.

2007 – the central city outpatient clinic ranked second in Brest region contest “The best health improvement programs among health care institutions”.

Baranovichi Central Outpatient Clinic consists of 19 health care institutions. The staff is 5357 employees, including 894 physicians, 2405 paramedics, 2058 junior medical officers and other staff. The outpatient clinic provides services to 101 000 people. There is the Day Treatment Department for 75 patients.

The outpatient clinic regularly purchases new equipment, including that for rehabilitation. Six Nuga-best massage beds are used for physical therapy. A mobile health unit helps to detect cardiovascular risk factors and to check the cholesterol level.

There are branches of the central outpatient clinic in the north and east districts of Brest. A new branch will be opened in the south district of Brest soon.

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